ABOUT QDimensions

QDimensions designs can transform commercial and residential spaces and are suitable for use in areas such as waiting rooms, foyers, restaurants, cafes, boardrooms. The QDimensions online store showcases a selection of unique gifts including handcrafted finger labyrinths, maze puzzles, and one off pieces. Our collections of work are limited and we are always excited to introduce new designs in our range. 


QDimensions are designers and fabricators specialisng in interactive mazes, carved ancient art renditions and custom designs. Established in 2014 by Matthew and Jasmin Quirk, combining our experience, skills and a passion for art. We started with a vision and took a concept through to reality. From the intial design phases to our Quirky workshop where precise cuts and carvings are made possible by our Multicam cnc router we take care and time in finishing each project to exceed expectations.


QDimensions custom mazes designer tables
QDimensions Custom Mazes carved panels wholesale gifts

QDimensions quality craftsmanship and materials; our products are created with love from recycled and sustainable woods coloured with organic dyes. We guarantee our customers years worth of satisfaction, appreciation and enjoyment. 


QDimensions designs create an interactive experience that captures attention and invoke a sense of meaning individual to the viewer.

Inspired by our three children to share our work and interests together as a family,  growing through learning and creating, we connect with our clients and to the designs that we forge from love, fun and reflection.