QD Crystal Sphere Labyrinths

QD Crystal Sphere Labyrinths are exclusively crafted to bring together the sacred secrets of the labyrinth and the positive properties of crystals in a unique and interactive design.


Labyrinths have existed in different cultures around the world for thousands of years. The ancient geometry used in labyrinths has renowned benefits for spiritual & personal healing and growth. Your whole life is a sacred path, a journey of exploration and growth. The labyrinth is also a symbol of this journey to the devine centre and returning to the beginning.


Our vision is to bring labyrinths into peoples lives, homes, hearts and hands. QDimensions have enhanced the power and beauty of the labyrinth with selected crystal spheres and precise carvings, creating a new way to experience the labyrinth path.

The labyrinth is a single unicursal path, an ancient symbol and tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation