An original QDIMENSIONS Design. The handheld piece 'Spirals in Motion' captivates and entrances. The steel sphere begins an endless journey with the slightest hand motion. The fluid motion resonates through the carved spiral creating a harmonious blend of sight, sound and feeling that calms the spirit and mesmerizes the mind.

Each elegant 'Spiral in Motion' is individually hand finished with natural wax to a smooth lustre. Using only the finest materials QDimensions products are made in Australia from recycled wood compounds coloured with organic dyes and are assured to bring endless pleasure and satisfaction. QD Spirals are a perfect gift for any occasion.
As the Designers and fabricators we welcome wholesale inquiries.

QD Spirals In Motion - Steel Sphere

  • Approximate diameter 200 - 170mm x 19mm

    Materials - Recycled wood coloured with organic dye. Carbon steel ball.

    Desgned and crafted in Australia

    Quality garuntee of materials and workmanship.

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